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My wedding pricing is very simple and includes:

Full coverage of your day

I typically spend an average of 6-8 hours with a couple on their wedding day to get everything I need to produce what you see on this site.  I don't charge more unless we are going over a "typical" wedding day or have more than an hour of total travel that day.  Travel over an hour is charged at $50.00/hr and any day that goes over 8 hours total is charged at $150.00/hr.  I do things this way so we both have flexibility and don't have to worry about "watching the clock".  You know every cost up front and your final price is on the contract we sign.  No surprises after your wedding.

Digital download of the images from a gallery on my website with print release

You will be able to download the digital images I create from a gallery on my website and even have the option to print right from that gallery at cost, with no mark-ups on print prices.  I don't take any profit from anything you order on my site after the wedding.  I do this so that you have access to the professional lab that I use for all of my own printing needs.  You also receive a print release so that you can print at your preferred lab.  That's totally up to you. 

A "typical" wedding in the Williamsport area costs $1500.00

I will travel outside of Williamsport and those travel costs would be in addition to this price and included in your final cost on the contract.

That's basically it.  No packages or add-on's.  I really try to keep it simple and stress free so that I can focus on producing great images for my couples and then get those images back to you quickly and in the most hassle-free way I can.

If this sounds like what you are looking for in a photographer I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your day in detail.  I prefer to meet in person with all my couples before signing any contracts to make sure we are a good fit for each other.   I strongly believe that wedding photographers aren’t “one size fits all”.  I don’t pretend to be the right wedding photographer for every couple out there.  My personality and work style may not work for you and that is ok.  We both have to be comfortable with each other so I can capture those once in a lifetime wedding moments!




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My terms of service are as follows:


*All images are edited at the photographer’s discretion.  Edits and enhancements as presented are included with the package pricing.

*Ben Cantymagli holds the copyright to any and all images created as a result of work performed above, with or without written agreement.  Image downloads include a print release for the client’s personal reproduction purposes only.   No party may alter or re-edit the images presented in any way.  Images are edited at the sole discretion of Ben Cantymagli.  Images may be uploaded to contemporary social media sites with proper credit given to Ben Cantymagli.  Copyright infringement may result in severe fines per incident, so give credit where credit is due! You may not profit from the images without prior written consent from Ben Cantymagli.   Ben Cantymagli reserves the right to use the images created at his discretion and for any purpose.  My use will not result in compensation to the client or subject in any form.


*Payment is due at time of the shoot.  No photography will take place without payment.  Please feel free to ask questions about your photo shoot in advance!

*Pricing subject to change at any time.